What is Support Ticket?

What does a support ticket mean? 
As a seller, if you have any queries or doubts about the shipment or general queries, you must raise a “ticket".

Where can you find the ticket section in the iThink Logistics panel?

  • Click to login: https://my.ithinklogistics.com/login. 

  • Log in with the required credentials.
  • After logging in, you can view the iThink Logistics dashboard from the menu. 

  • On the top right side of the dashboard, you can see the help button above.
  • Click on the help button, and you will see two options: 
    a. Create new tickets
    b. View all tickets 
  • Once you click Create new tickets, you can see the search section, create tickets, search by date, and filter by department.
  • You can also see the different stages of the ticket, such as new request ticket, open ticket, closed ticket, due today ticket, and due ticket.

How do I search for a specific ticket? 
You can search by ticket no., subject,  AWB, department, and category. Other search options are given on the panel desk. Here, you can search for a ticket by using :

  • The ticket, which is auto-generated by iThink logistics
  • Ticket subject: The subject line was entered while raising the ticket.
  • Ticket AWB means you can search by Airway Bill number
  • In the department section, you will select the department for the issue raised. 
  • You can also search for tickets by Category.
  • You can also search for tickets by description.

Note: In the search section, you can enter any keyword, and all related tickets will be visible. Note: The asterisk mark(*) section should be filled compulsorily.

How to Raise a Ticket?

  • Click on create a ticket. 
  • A popup appears where you can select department and category, enter the subject, description, AWB no., and any attachment if required.

Quick six steps to creating your ticket:

  • Select Department You have to choose the department you want to speak with regarding the query.
  • Select Category After selecting the department, you can choose the Category displayed based on that department.
  • Write the Subject line that you want to write regarding the issue.
  • Describe the detailed information about your query.
  • In the compulsory section, you must mention the AWB number based on the selected department and Category. 
  • You can upload the PDF, excel, image, audio, and video in the attachment section.

Then click on the Submit button. You have to wait for a second while it is submitted.  Once the attachment is uploaded, the ticket is created in a new section. Here you go. A ticket has been created! Isn't that simple?

Next is the filter section.

Here, two options are given:

  • Filter by date: here, you must enter the date you want to get the information.
  • Filter by department: enter the date and department to get the information.

After the filter section is done, here comes the stage where you get multiple options like new request, open, closed ticket, due today, and due.

What every tab is about?

First, the New Request tab in this newly created ticket is shown. If there is no new ticket, 0 new requests are shown, and we can see the ticket count.

If there is a new request or new update from the iThink team related to the ticket, it can be viewed under the new request tab.

Open Ticket: 

  • This is where you can get updates of  ticket queries that are in the process or yet to be closed.
  • If a user creates a new ticket, it will appear under the open tab. Based on that, turnaround time will be assigned to speed up ticket closure.
  • Users can view the title, description, turnaround time, and the extended turnaround time for the ticket, and that date and time will be shown.
  • You can also click and open the Ticket to view the added details, chat with the support executive, and send a screenshot or image.

While the ticket is open (To explain more about your query)

  • You can send a message or any query if required by typing a message and clicking on the send button 
  • You can also upload multiple documents like Excel in chat by clicking the camera icon.
  • By clicking on the cancel button, you can cancel ticket details 
  • By clicking on view AWB no.,  you can see at the corner  a popup appears with the list of AWB number 
  • You can close the ticket with just a click on the cross icon.
  • Closed ticket: This section shows all the tickets that have been successfully closed. You can also review the ticket details and reopen the ticket by clicking the reopen button. So get set and go; here, you can view all the closed tickets and give us ratings according to your experience with the tickets.

  • Reopen ticket: If the ticket is closed and the issue is not solved or you are unsatisfied, you do not need to create a new ticket. Re-open the existing closed ticket in a minute and save time when creating duplicate tickets for a single query.
  • Due Today: This section will show us tickets that are due today. All the tickets that are due and need to be addressed by the iThink team will be viewed here.

  • Due ticket: Here, all the tickets for which the turnaround time is over and for which no action has been taken regarding that ticket will appear in this section. All the tickets that are due and need to be addressed at priority can be viewed here.

What details are available in a ticket?

Just click a ticket, and you will get all the details:
Ticket ID: This is an auto-generated ID

  • Ticket title, which is also known as a subject 
  • Description 
  • Create the date mentioned in the top corner of the ticket.
  • Department and category 
  • The iThink Logistics member can update the turnaround time if needed.
  • Extended Turnaround Time - This section will show how often the ITL team member has updated the turnaround time.

RATE US: You can rate a ticket if you are satisfied with the resolution of the query; the rate us option will be available only after the ticket is closed.


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