How to Update the Billing Address of the Seller?

How to Navigate to Billing Address

  • To update the billing address, login to your iThink Logistics dashboard. 
  • Go to “Setting Button” and click on the billing address. The following screen will appear. Refer to the image below. 

The Seller must add the following information as shown in the image below.

  • Company Name: Enter the company name to generate the bills.
  • GST no: Enter the GST number of the registered company
  • Address line 1: Enter the primary registered address.
  • Address line 2: Enter if there is any other alternate address.
  • Select the state and city from the drop-down.

Note: Select the state first. The cities will automatically appear once the state is selected.

  • Enter the PIN code.
  • Enter your registered contact details. 

  • After all the information is added, click the submit button and save the added details.How do you edit the existing billing address? 
  • To edit the existing details, kindly follow the steps given below. As a seller, you can update the new details like: 
  • Company's name,GST no, Address line 1, Address line 2, state, city, pin code and contact number.
  • Once all the information is added, click the submit button to save the added details.


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