How to Navigate the Postship?

How to Navigate the Postship?

  • Log in to iThink Logistics.

  • On the dashboard, click to post ship in Menu.

  • You will be redirected to the post-ship dashboard.

  • All the options under the dashboard can be seen. 

We have navigated you to our post-ship feature but have much more to offer. Begin your guide with us here, and by the end of it, we are sure your takeaways will help you expand your business while getting more orders. 

Let's begin…

Configure Track Page 

  • Check the left menu and click on Postship. Then click on the home option, and the user will be redirected to the Postship home page. 
  • On the Postship home page, four options are given. Click on the fourth configure track option.

  • After clicking on the configure track, the user is redirected to the configure track page.

  • Here are two sections where each section has a drop-down, and the drop-down list has 3 options. 

  • If you want to upload an image, select it. The image should not exceed 2 MB. Enter the banner redirect URL and browse; the image size should be 496px * 279px.

  • If you want to upload a video, select it from the drop-down menu. Then, enter the YouTube embedded URL or any embedded URL, and the user can see the video preview.

  • Select none if you don't want to upload an image or video.

Add Another product :

  • In the “Just for You” section, click on the add another product button to add a product. The user can add only 9 products.

  • Enter the product name, URL, description, MRP, and special price.
  • MRP is always more significant than the special price, and click on browse to upload images.

Social Link: 

  • To add social links, enter the social links in the text field. It is an optional field.

  • Click on the save button to save details.

Customize Track page:  Details have been added on the configure track page we will see In this section, we can see a video or image of the product and can see sale products we will see in detail.

  • If a video is provided, the user can see the products' detailed featured video by clicking on the video's play button.

  • Users can also see product images. By clicking on an image, they are redirected to the product detail page, where they can see the product features in detail.
  • In the “Just for You” section, the user can see the product name, image, and price. By clicking on a product, the user can be redirected to the product detail page.

  • Social Links: In the footer, social links are given on each social page, and we can see the seller's products or newly added stuff.


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