What is KYC, and why is it Important?

This includes different official paperwork and ID submissions to validate your business presence. Some advantages of completing KYC include:

How do I Navigate to KYC?

  • In the settings option, click on KYC.


What Seller KYC information do you need to enter?

  • User Type: 
    The first step in completing your KYC is to enter your user type. This will help us understand whether you are an individual or a business. 
  • Company Type: 
    You have to enter your company type. For example, whether you are a private limited firm, partnership or proprietorship, etc.
  • Contact Person: 
    The seller’s name will be shown here.
  • Company name:
    The company name that you have entered will be displayed here. 
  • GST no. (Optional): 
    The GST no. added by the seller can be viewed here.
  • Uploaded Documents:
    You can view the previously added KYC information and related documents, as well as whether your documents have been updated or rejected. 
  • PAN card
    PAN number: PAN number needs to be entered
    Name: The name present on the PAN card needs to be entered.
    Front image: The front image of the PAN card needs to be added.

Please note: The image can be uploaded from the system only as .JPEG, .JPG, or .PNG files.

  • Aadhar Card
    Aadhar Number: Aadhar number needs to be entered.
    Name: The name present on the Aadhar card needs to be entered.
    Image: The front & Back image of the Aadhar card needs to be added

  • Once Uploaded, click on Submit.


  • If the admin accepts your document, it will be marked as Approved.
  • Pending: Once the document is submitted, it will be marked as pending until the admin takes further action.
  • Rejected: If the admin has rejected the document, it will be marked as rejected with a remark on the rejected document. You will have to re-upload the document based on the remark and submit it again for review. If the Admin has rejected the document, the remark can be seen against that rejected document along with the attempt count.


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