How To Integrate Magento Store?

How to navigate On Channel Integration 

  • Login to the iThink panel By entering your login ID and password.

  • Users will be sent to the dashboard.
  • Click on the "Add Store" menu below Store Integration from Menu Sidebar.

  • The user will be sent to the Channel Integration page by clicking Add Store.

How To Integrate Magento Channel? 

  • Search Magento Channel or select Magento, Click on the integrated button. 

  • The user will be sent to the Add Store page.

  • On the left side, Fill in basic information such as Store name, email, communication brand, contact Number, and Website URL.

  • Click on the Done button.

  • On the right side, select suitable Sync options.

  • After clicking the Done button, the store is created successfully, and the user will be sent to view the store page, where the user can check that the new store has been added successfully.

How do you configure iThink Logistics in the Magento panel? 

  • Login into Magento.
  • Go to the Store menu.
  • Click on the Configure button. 
  • Enter the access Token and secret key into the text field as given in the add store of the iThink Logistics panel.
  • Click on the save Configure button.
  • Then, the user can see iThink logistics in the list.

How do we Synchronize orders in the iThink logistics panel?

  • Go to the iThink Logistics panel dashboard, then go to “store order” page. 
  • From the store order menu, click on Filter.
  • Select Magento as a channel.

  • Click on Sync order.

  • After clicking on Sync, the user can see Magento order in the iThink Logistics panel.


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