What is a Create order?

How do you navigate to Create Order?

  • Login to your iThink Logistics Panel

  • Dashboard: The user will be redirected to the dashboard 

Navigation A: Go by a left Side menu option 

To locate the Create Order on the iThink Panel, follow the steps below:

  • Log in using the credentials.
  • Select the menu option.
  • Click on the forward order menu.
  • Create an order by clicking the Create Order button.

Navigation B: Create Order button

  • You will find a button in the header named “ Create Order.”

  • After clicking Create Order, a Create Order screen will appear.   

How to Create an Order?

Following is a step-by-step guide to using this feature:

Note: There are numerous sections in which the seller must fill in the required information.

Quick and easy steps to create an order and start shipping with us:

To whom is the seller sending the shipment, i.e., the Customer Deliverable address?

  • In this part, sellers can put the customer's information, such as address, customer details, etc., and the parcel details they need to send.
  • While entering a valid PIN code, the state and city will appear automatically based on the PIN code. 

(Note: If the state and city do not match, the seller can select their state and city.)

Name - The seller can provide the consumer's full name in the Name area.

  • The seller enters the customer's valid email address.
  • The seller can enter the customer's valid mobile number in the customer's mobile number field.
  • Another alternative is to have the billing address the same as the delivery address.

Note: An asterisk mark fields are compulsory

Note: If the seller wants the customer's billing information to differ, they must select the  Billing address checkbox.

Another alternative is to have the billing address the same as the delivery address.

What are the order details?

  • Order details:
    In the order section, the seller fills out order details such as order ID, suborder ID, order date, and pickup type (forward and reverse).

  • Product details:
    The seller fills out product details such as product name, SKU, quantity, price, tax rate, HSN code, and discount in the product details area.

Note: You can add another product by clicking on add another button. This allows sellers to add numerous product details.

  • Once the product details are filled out, the seller can choose between two payment methods: cod or prepaid.

 Cautions: The logistics results will be calculated based on the selected payment option, as some courier services don't support COD services.

  • After selecting a payment method, the option to reveal more costs is marked in blue. All shipping information will be displayed when the seller clicks Show More Charges.
  • Click the shipment checkbox, and a new input box will open, where the seller can fill in the shipping amount.

If there are any shipping charges to be included, the seller can add them here.

  • Gift Wrap: Choose the gift wrap checkbox, and a box will appear for the seller to enter the gift wrap amount.

If the seller has to add any gift-wrapping expenses, they can do so here.

  • Click the transaction checkbox to bring up an input field where the seller can fill out the transaction details.

If any transaction fees need to be added, the seller can add them here.

  • Discount: After clicking the transaction button, a box appears where the seller can fill in the discount data.

A seller can add here if they want to give any special discounts.

Note: These additional charges will be used to calculate the final price.

What is the approximate size of your package?

Sellers can enter the size of their parcels in terms of length, width, height, and physical weight, and the volumetric weight will be shown.

Other information?
Additional information Other information added by the seller includes the reseller name, E-waybill number, and GSTIN number.

  • Click on the Add Address.

  • Add Pickup Address
  • There is a button to add an address, and if you click on that model box in the popup, the seller can fill in the details such as name, address, and phone number.
  • Warehouse nickname - Sellers can provide the warehouse nickname in this section (e.g. WR123).

Note: Once all the details are added on the left side, the result will appear on the right side with the quote!

  • The right corner has a map and logistics section, with the logistics amount reflected. The seller can select the logistics by clicking on the logistics option.

Note: There is only one drop-down choice in the logistics area — Fast shipping, cheapest, and best-rated, and this vendor can choose any of them.

  • Fast Shipping - The fastest shipping-wise courier will be displayed
  • Cheapest - Cheapest shipping rates
  • Best Rated - The best rating-wise courier will be displayed

The Order will be placed successfully after the seller selects the logistics and clicks on Create Order.

Note: If the seller has an empty wallet, a popup will display, asking them to recharge it. After recharging, the wallet must click the Create Order button again.




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