Introduction to Connect+ Dashboard

ITL connect+ is the dashboard where users can overview the order’s total count, ITL connect+ charges, Sent and Received message total, and total coupon redeemed.

Navigation of ITL Connect + Dashboard

  • Login to the iThink Logistics Panel, fill in your username and password 

  • The user will be redirected to the dashboard. 

  • Click on the top menu user can see a Drop down menu icon by clicking on that, the User can see three products: Domestics, international, and ITL Connect+ by clicking on ITL Connect+.

  • The user will be redirected to the ITL connect+ dashboard page. 

Connect+ in details : 

Filter: According to the filter selection, the user can see dashboard data through three primary filters given here, which we will explain in detail: 

  • Channel: Click on the channel field and select the channel option from the drop down.
  • Store: Depending upon channel selection, the store option will display, and the user can select any option from the drop down. Depending upon selection, dashboard data will display.
  • Date filter: Click the date filter; many options will be visible here. The user can select any option, such as Today, yesterday, last month, this month, last 7 days, last 30 days, or a custom range. Depending on the user’s choice, the user can select any one option.

Order Overview
The user can see the following details from the view order module in the order overview. The user can see all order counts from a single ITL Connect+ dashboard. 

  • Total order and Total order value 
  • Cancel order and cancel order value 
  • Cod order and cod order value 
  • Converted prepaid order and converted prepaid order value 
  • Prepaid order and prepaid order value

ITL connect charges
In Connect + charges, the user can see different charges, which we will see in detail. 

  • Total order 
  • ITL connect+ charges 
  • Billed ITL connect+ charges 
  • Unbilled ITL connect+ charges

Message Status
In this, the user can see all status-related messages 

  • Total messages sent 
  • Unread messages 
  • Pending Confirmation messages 
  • Confirmed messages 
  • Cancelled messages 
  • WhatsApp does not exist for messages.
  • Manual query messages 
  • Inbound messages

Total coupon redeemed
Here, the user can see details of the coupon, coupon name, redeem count and discounted count 

  • Coupon name:
    The created coupon name can be seen 
  • Redeem Count: 
    Count of coupons that the user redeems. That count can be viewed
  • Discounted total amount:
    Coupons that are redeemed and applied, the total amount of discount can be seen. 







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