What is Recommendation Engine ?

What is a Recommendation Engine? 
The recommendation engine feature has been developed for sellers. Using this feature, they can choose the best logistics partner by entering some details that will help the Recommendation Engine choose it.

Further, let’s understand how to navigate to the Recommendation engine.

How to Navigate to the Recommendation Engine?

  • To reach or navigate the Recommendation Engine feature, log in to the iThink Logistics Account / Dashboard.
  • Open the browser.
  • Enter the web page link of iThink Logistics: https://my.ithinklogistics.com/index in the browser.
  • Enter the credentials.
  • Click on Login.

  • After login, the user is redirected to the dashboard.
  • Click on the setting button in the top right corner.
  • After you click on the setting button, a drop-down will appear. Under account settings, click on the Recommendation Engine.

  • You will be redirected to the Recommendation engine Page by clicking on the Recommendation engine.

Let us look at the process or working of the recommendation engine further.

How does the Recommendation Engine work?
Recommendation Engines has different filter options. Let’s see what they are and how to use them. 

  • Best Rated: By selecting this option, you can select the best-rated logistics.
  • Cheapest: By selecting this option, you can view the cheapest logistics 
  • Fastest: By selecting this option, you can check the fastest logistics service
  • Custom: Now, while selecting custom, you must choose from different options under Custom.
    Let’s see in detail what they are. 

First is Earliest Delivery: Select the earliest option if you want fast delivery. If you click on the earliest delivery, you will see two options. 
Below are the two options.

  • Delivered in 2 days.
  • Delivered in 3 days.

You must select one option and proceed to the other. If you need the delivery in 2 days, click “Delivered in 2 days”.

Second is Pickup: Under Pickup, there are different options. You have to select any checkbox that fits your preferences. For example, select the same-day pickup checkbox if you want a same-day pickup. The following are the options under Pickup. 

  • Same-day Pickup.
  • Bulk product Pickup.
  • Call before the pickup attempt.
  • Bulky product.
  • Pick-up Time TAT.
  • Auto Pickup request generated.
  • DTO reverse Pickup.

Third is Delivery Related: Here, you can select different delivery-related choices. E.g. Lost item declared, delivery boy number. 
Below are the options that you can select.

  • Lost item declared
  • Delivery Boy number
  • Card on Payment (Digital Payment Accepted)
  • Call before delivery Attempt
  • Call recording for failed delivery
  • DTO service

NDR Related: You can select NDR-related options by clicking on any checkbox. For example, you can select the Live NDR Update of your choice. The following are the NDR-related options. 

  • High NDR conversion
  • Live NDR Update
  • Delay NDR notification
  • Failed Attempt Call recording.

Fifth is Delivery Performance: You can select delivery performance-related choices by selecting any checkbox given below, e.g., Time delivery or call before the delivery attempt.  

  • On-time delivery
  • Call before delivery Attempt
  • On request POD
  • Self-collect Available

Sixth is RTO-related: You can select an RTO-related choice by selecting any checkbox from the two options in the image below. 
The two options are: 

  • Fake RTO remark
  • RTO delivered on time.

After selecting all the options you need or require in your Logistics Partners, Recommendation Engine will show you various logistics and their specifications in the Recommendation Engine Logistics Card.

What does the Recommendation Engine Logistics Card show?

Here, you can see all the logistics options with a logistics rating in the following categories.

  • Pickup performance 
  • Delivery performance 
  • NDR remark 
  • Weight cases.

Note: All the ratings have a particular different colour to identify them.

On this card, you can select any one or more logistics by clicking on the checkbox given on the right side of the table. After selecting the checkbox, click the Update button to Update your logistics choices.

On the top of the card, we can see different counts displayed.

  • Overall activated courier 
  • Overall, the pin code is serviceable
  • Pin code serviceable for pickup
  • Pin code serviceable for delivery 


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