What is Pincode Serviceability ?

When you confirm an order as a seller, you must check the Pincode location where you want to deliver your package. Is it available?
To lessen stress and offer flexibility and relief in delivery, iThink Logistics has developed a feature called "pin code serviceability."

Why use pincode serviceability?
"Pincode serviceability" is designed to check which logistic service delivers your product efficiently at a specific pin code.

  • It shows you the shipping availability of a product.
  • You get a choice between a wide range of logistic services.
  • It makes checking the shipment and COD availability on the product page easy.

Now, let us see

Where can you find the Pincode serviceability feature?

  • Click to login:  https://my.ithinklogistics.com/login
  • Enter the login credentials.
  • After you have logged in, you can see the iThink Logistics dashboard and menu.
  • On the top left of the dashboard, the "menu" is visible 
  • Once you click on the menu under the tool drop-down section, "pincode serviceability" is visible.
  • Now, click on “pincode serviceability.”

 How do you check the pin code serviceability?

Here, there are 2 options you have to fill out.

  • YOUR PIN CODE: Here, you must enter the PIN code of the seller's place or the place from which the parcel has to be picked up. You should also enter the 6-digit PIN code number of the sender's place. 
  • CHECK PIN CODE: Here, you must enter the 6-digit PIN code number of the receiver or the address where the parcel has to be delivered.

After entering these details, click on the submit button.
Once you click on the submit button.

Here, city and state names are shown. If the pin code entered is deliverable, the city and the state name will be visible in the above image. Also, a wide range of logistic services is shown.

Cautions: The results which are disabled are non serviceable pin codes.

  • When logistic service is available in those pin codes, "a green, right tick mark" is shown.
  • The green tick mark option shows you which delivery option is available.
  • When logistic service is unavailable on a specific pin code, "a cross mark" is shown before it.

Note: If there is a green checkmark, the user can check the serviceability for the mentioned point.

What If the Entered Pin Code Is Not Serviceable?
If no service is found for a particular Pincode, then no service option is shown. The steps mentioned above make it easy to check whether the PIN code is serviceable. But if you have any doubts, contact us. As we say, our team is always happy to help.


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