What is an Account Setting?

The account setup process helps us to know you better and makes your shipment process efficient and smooth. This feature benefits the seller with some other advantages as well

What are the steps to navigate to account settings?

Setting up an account involves multiple steps. We have elaborated on the whole process in detail in the guide given below. 

  • Log in to your dashboard once you have signed up with iThink Logistics. 
    Go to https://my.ithinklogistics.com/  and enter your registered email ID and password. 

  • Once you log in, your dashboard will be visible, which will look something like this.

  • Click on “Account settings” from the top right menu. You will be redirected to the page displayed below.

Note: All boxes or fields in the account details section must be filled except for a few boxes. Therefore, you must enter the required details before you start your shipping process. (A few fields/boxes are optional, and  not all fields/boxes are compulsory.)

What sections do you need to fill out to set up your account?

This is a detailed guide for setting up your account and shipping with iThink Logistics. 

Let’s begin Filling up the account details:

  • Go to the Account setting and click on the Account detail tab. The account details page will open, as shown in the image below.

  • The account details page will have detailed information for the seller’s account. The different attributes of the seller’s account details include

  •  Vendor ID: The vendor ID is a unique ID automatically generated when you sign up with iThink Logistics. 

Caution: You cannot edit or change this ID. It is just to be viewed as the vendor's identity. You can use this ID as a reference during any support.

  • Company name: You must add the name of the company you are operating as. This is a mandatory field that must be filled. It is also editable and can be modified later if necessary. 
  • Website details: The website URL link must be added to the website details section.

Note: The website link added to the account detail page should be the same as the one used during sign-up. 

  • Email ID: You must add the email ID you used during sign-up.  The email ID can be edited later if required. 
  • Contact number: You must enter your contact number on the accounts page.

Note: An OTP will be sent to the contact number you entered. This OTP will verify your contact number. If you want to change the contact number, the OTP will verify the new one. Once your contact number is verified, a “verified label” will appear beside the contact number label.

  • Verify button: Once you enter the OTP, it will be verified automatically.  

Fig: Verify OTP pop-up

  • Cancel button: If you don’t wish to verify or want to modify the number, you can click the cancel button to discard the pop-up.

  • Resend button: If you don't receive the OTP the first time, you can request to resend it. To resend the OTP, click on the resend OTP button. A new OTP will be generated and sent to the number you entered.

  • Alternate Number (Optional): This is an additional feature where sellers can add an alternate or additional number if needed.

Note: The alternate number you added will also be verified by an OTP sent to the respective number entered.

  • Company logo (Optional): You can add your company logo. However, this is entirely optional.

Please note: If you add your Company logo, it must be in .jpeg, .jpg or .png  files only. You can upload the image from the system itself.

  • Submit: Once all the data in the required fields has been sold, the seller can submit it to the store. Click on the submit button to finish the process.



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