How to View International Billing?

What exactly does the Billing Tab consist of?
In the billing tab, you can view all your finance-related details. You can view details such as:

  • Shipping Charges
  • Credit Receipt
  • Bill Summary

Where can you find the Billing Tab?

  • After logging in, you will be redirected to The iThink Logistics Dashboard, which can be seen in the image below.

  • The "menu" is visible on the dashboard's top left.
  • Select the menu option on the Dashboard's top left side, represented by the three horizontal lines.
  • Click on the menu item called ‘Billing’
  • There will be a drop-down list that will appear with several options
  • These options are ‘Shipping Charges, Credit Receipt and Bill Summary

From the Billing Tab, when you select the ‘Shipping Charges’ Option,

You will be redirected to the Shipping Charges page

Shipping Charges: 

  • You can find the charges deducted when your order is shipped on this particular tab.
  • Here, you can search for the AWB number and Order ID for which shipping charges are levied. 
  • On the top of the screen, the total freight charges are displayed. 
  • You can also filter the data and export it to an Excel file if necessary by clicking on the export button located at the top right of the page.

In the filter section, these are the variables by which you will be able to filter the information regarding shipping charges: 

  • Invoice Date
  • Order ID
  • Order Date
  • AWB Number
  • Logistics
  • Status
  • Zone
  • Billing Weight

From the Billing Tabs, when you select the ‘Bill Summary’ option,

You will be redirected to the Bill Summary page

Bill Summary: 

  • In this section, the invoices that have been generated for each month are shown
  • Different invoice details, such as the Invoice ID, Invoice date, Invoice due date, Invoice type, Invoice amount, and adjusted amount, are displayed.
  • On top of the page, you can view the invoice details broken down for better understanding 
  • Similar to the Shipping Charges section, you can also filter and export the data in an Excel file if required by pressing the export button in the top-right area of the page

The information below explains the breakdown of the bill to get an overview of all the financial data:

Total Amount:- This will be shown as the total cost of shipping from the start date to the end date of the shipment
Total Paid: This is the total outstanding amount the seller paid.
Total Outstanding: This refers to the total outstanding amount that needs to be paid in the discrepancy that has been raised and needs to be paid by the seller (Weight Discrepancy). You can also filter by the total outstanding amount.
Total Due: The total amount that needs to be paid
Total GST: The total GST applicable will be shown
IGST: The total GST will be shown with the bifurcation of the GST as per IGST
CGST: The total GST will be shown with the bifurcation of the GST as per CGST
SGST: The total GST will be shown with the bifurcation of the GST as per SGST

You can then download and print your invoice by clicking on the three dots on the page's right side.

From the Billing Tab, when you select the ‘Credit Receipt’ option,
You will be redirected to the Credit Receipt page

Credit Receipt:

  • In this tab, you can see the lost/freight waiver shipments
  • The seller will receive a decided amount as a Credit Note (CN) if a shipment is lost or damaged. 
  • You can download and Print the CN details. 
  • You can also apply filters per your requirements and export the data in an Excel format.

The following information explains the visual breakdown of the Credit Note

  • Freight Credit Note: This is the total Freight waiver amount that iThink Logistics has provided
  • Lost Credit Note: This is the total amount against the lost shipment.
  • Total Credit Note Amount: This is the total amount that iThink Logistics has generated concerning the Credit Note



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