What is Rate calculator?

What exactly is a rate calculator?
As an eCommerce seller, you may be afraid that shipping will cost a lot of cash. We will help you calculate the actual cost before shipment. So, please welcome our ‘Rate Calculator’, which will provide you with an exact delivery cost in seconds.

This guide will provide detailed information regarding the ‘Rate Calculator’, so let's begin! 

How to navigate?

  • After logging in, use the option on the upper left to access the Menu list.
  • Select the menu option, then select 'Rate Calculator' from the selection list under tools.

What are the different fields in the Rate Calculator?:

When you click on the rate calculator function, you will view the fields to enter the details to calculate the rate. Here, you will find seven fields. 

  • Type: In this section, you can select the forward or reverse type of the parcel.
  • Payment Type: Here, you can choose and select any payment type, whether cash on delivery or prepaid.
  • From Pincode: This pincode tells where you want to pick up the parcel from.
  • To Pincode: This Pincode determines where you want to send the parcel.
  • Parcel Size: Here, you must enter all the details regarding the parcel size, length, height, and Physical weight, as the Volumetric weight is updated based on length, width, and height.

  • Product MRP price: Here, you need to enter the Price or MRP of the product.
  • Map Section: Under this section, you can see the highlighted 'from pin code to 'to pin code.

Now, we move further. When starting a pickup, the seller must decide which shipping service can provide serviceability and pickup. For this, the seller will see an option for shipping service provider details in the Rate Calculator.

  • Sort By:  Here, you can sort shipping companies by best-rated, Fastest, and Cheapest shipping options.
  • Rate Details: Here, you can check the rate of the different shipping company
  • Logistics List: This section contains a list of logistics services. When you mention a logistics name, you get separate logistics on a separate card.  
  • Rate In Stars: Here, you can see each shipping company's rating based on the number of stars customers offer.
  • Total Price:  under this, you can check the total Price, including freight, COD, and GST costs.

Pro Tip: With a click of a down arrow, you can view the rate breakdown, which includes: 

  • The efficiency of the pickup with the percentage.
  • Percentage of delivery efficiency.
  • On-time efficiency with the percentage.
  • In the charges break, it is the sum of freight, COD, and GST charges. 

We've covered all the essential details of our  'Rate Calculator' function, bringing us to the end of the guide. However, if you have any further questions, please contact us. Our experts would happily help you with any questions about our 'Rate Calculator' function.


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