What is Credit Wallet?

Why use a Credit Wallet Feature?
Credit Wallet is a module designed for Sellers. It allows you to carry out transactions and helps you track them easily.

What can you do in a Credit Wallet?

  • The Seller can apply for a coupon code to receive the benefits.
  • The Seller can check transactions.
  • The Seller can export reports. 

Where can you find the Credit Wallet Feature?

  • Enter the credentials.
  • After you have logged in, you can see the iThink Logistics dashboard and menu.

  • Click on the Wallet icon.

The following wallet will be opened, as shown in the image below.

Your Wallet :

  • The Seller can view the Wallet Balance.

  • Enter the coupon code if you've any, and click on apply.

  • Enter the amount you desire. Below is a list of amount options, and you can select/click your desired amount to recharge the wallet.


  • After that, click the “Recharge” button to Initiate Payment.

Pro tips: When you click 2000, the amount displayed will be added directly to the recharge amount field.

Transaction Table:

  • You can see the Date of Transactions.
  • You can also view debit and Credit amounts.
  • Next to that, you can check the balance amount in the wallet.
  • You can also view the remarks that give information about your transactions.


How to use Filters in Transaction Table?

Filtering options available:

  • By Date Filter: The seller can see the date option at the top left corner of the table. The seller has to click on the date option, and a calendar will be displayed. Then select the Days or Months to filter the transactions and click the apply button. 

  • By debit and credit: The second arrow is the filter by Debit and Credit. You have to select the credit or debit boxes and click the apply button. This will filter your transactions using your selected debit or credit amount.

Above are the Filter Options that you can use to filter your transactions. We will then see how to record your transactions.

How to Export and Download Transactions?

  • You can see an export option in the top right corner of the table. 

  • Clicking on the Export button table will redirect the seller to insights in that report download. 

  • The seller can see the action button by clicking on the three dots. Download options will pop up. Click on Download, and your Excel file will be downloaded. 


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