How to Check Invoice Settings Or Set The Invoice Settings?

How do I Navigate to the Invoice Setting?

  • Click on Invoice settings, and the image will display the following screen.

  • The following are the details the seller needs to add to generate the invoice for the customer, as per the seller's requirement.

  • Company Name: Enter your company name
  • CIN (Optional): Add the Company Identification Number (if any).
  • GST Number: Add your 15-digit registered GST number.
  • Invoice prefix: Add the Invoice prefix as you want. This will be common for the invoice number.
  • Invoice suffix: Add the Invoice suffix from the number you want the invoice generated.

Example: If the seller entered TS as the invoice prefix and 0001 as the Invoice suffix, then the Invoice number will be TS - 0001

  • Upload logo: Any company logo that needs to be displayed on the invoice can be uploaded here.

Note: Only upload the image in .JPG, JPEG or PNG format.

  • Upload your signature: Upload an image of the signature, which needs to be shown on the invoice.

Note: Only upload the image in .JPG, JPEG or PNG format.

Once all the data is uploaded, click the submit button and save the information.

Note: All the fields you entered mentioned above can be changed or edited. Sellers can edit and re-update the information or details and submit it again.

Note: Your invoice will include all the information you provide. If necessary, you can send a soft copy or print the invoice.


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